There’s so much more to creatine than just its muscle-boosting power – it’s an all-body supplement that can drive you towards your weight-loss goals with aerobic, metabolic and glucose-based benefits. Combining creatine supplements with effective fat-burners like SKALD is a recipe that works when you’re looking for transformational results.

In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at how creatine supplements can bring you so much more than just a kickstart for your weight-loss or strength training goals.

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1. Recovery benefits

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts know that a big part of any successful gym workout is the recovery phase. Your recovery is crucial to achieving your fitness objectives. When you recover properly, your muscles will repair themselves, by increasing in size and by replacing the fat in your body with new muscle tissue. Those new muscles will burn more calories in rest than the fat they’ve replaced, making it much easier for you to lose that excess weight.

Creatine is ideal for your workout recoveries since it prevents excess muscle damage, giving your body more to build on as you rest and recuperate.

2. Safer dieting

Dieting is tough enough as it is without having to worry about doing it safely, but knowing how to lose weight in a healthy manner is an essential part of the process. Your body needs creatine, and when you diet and exercise to lose weight, you can run low on the compound, which can be unhealthy and even dangerous for your body. A creatine supplement counters that deficiency, allowing you to diet safely and cut down on fat without having to worry about its effect on your body.

3. Better brain performance

Often the importance of the brain is downplayed when we think about muscle building and aerobic exercise, but the truth is, a lot of what you achieve in the gym starts with what goes on in your head. Focus, motivation, concentration, and drive all come from the brain, so giving yours the fuel it needs can make a lot of difference in your workouts. Creatine acts as a power source for your brain – creatine phosphate, the form that creatine takes in your body, is integral to your brainpower. Adding more creatine into the mix boosts your cerebral capacity, and it only adds to everything the supplement can do for you.

4. Improved physical form and performance

At the heart of any fitness routine is the desire to improve your physical prowess. Creatine has been proven to aid endurance workouts, strength training routines and sports – it does so by increasing your stores of glycogen. Glycogen is one of the most important resources your body has when it comes to keeping your muscles fueled and ready to go, so when you’re embarking on endurance runs or long workout sessions, having your glycogen levels topped up with creatine supplements is a massive help that can keep you going for longer.

5. Safe and effective

When it comes to taking supplements, some people can feel daunted by the thought of what those supplements are doing to their bodies and how safe those same supplements are to ingest with every workout. If you’re considering taking supplements for the first time, but are worried about how they’ll affect you and your body, creatine is an excellent place to start. Creatine is one of the safest supplements you can take – countless studies have been carried across the last few decades about the effects of creatine and we know that it’s safe for use. The number of benefits that the compound offers, combined with the peace-of-mind you’ll have, makes adding it to your regime an obvious choice.

As an all-round supplement, creatine has pretty much all of its competitors beat. At BELDT, we’ve taken creatine as a compound and created a tri-blend that’s been carefully engineered to bring more to your workout, your fat-loss plan and your endurance goals. We call it the CRUSCH: Ultimate Tri-Phase Creatine, and it’s been designed to go effortlessly with SKALD to help you reach the next level.